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Yesterday in Bartram v. U.S. Bank National Association, the Florida Supreme Court repeatedly quoted Miami attorney Andrew Bernhard in answering “a question of great public importance” in the banking and lending sector. For more information on the Bartram decision or banking and contractual disputes, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at www.bernhardlawfirm.com, 786-871-3349, abernhard@bernhardlawfirm.com.

Bernhard Law FirmSee more here: Florida Supreme Court quotes attorney Andrew J. Bernhard in answering banking questions of great public importance: https://fraudlawyersflorida.com/2016/11/04/florida-supreme-court-quotes-attorney-andrew-bernhard-in-answering-banking-question-of-great-public-importance/

Andrew Bernhard

Andrew J. Bernhard